Welcome to The Red Boot Way!

Our mission is to create compassionate communities by teaching a practice of intentional communication where self-awareness, connections, and trust grow.

Having been at this for a few years now, we hear it time and time again: People who practice The Red Boot WayTM have discovered how using our intentional communication practice brings self-awareness, connections, and trust to any situation.

“Red Booters” find themselves “Red Booting” in their daily lives. In the board room, the living room, or a table at a favorite diner, The Red Boot Way provides people with the tools and the confidence to be curious, open, and intentional when communicating with others. It becomes a habit . . . a way of being.

As a benefit of learning The Red Boot Way, Red Booters engage with their communities in a more productive, peaceful and solution-oriented way.

If this sounds like something you long for in your work, your home, and your life, please consider signing up for one of our Red Boot programs.
The Red Boot meetings have been a way for me to express myself and my opinions and feel okay about it. It has truly been an experience for me. The 11 steps have stuck with me . . . and I use them often. -H.M., Charlotte, NC