How to Clean Cold Air Intake Filter K & N?

How to Clean Cold Air Intake Filter K & N?

One of the most popular air filters is the K&N due to its high resistance and long life. One of their many benefits is that you can easily clean them and reuse them multiple times over thousands of miles. Therefore you will save a lot of money and avoid replacing them too frequently.

But how to clean cold air intake filter k & n? Another advantage is that they are easy to clean and more if you have the refill kit included with the filter. Which should only spray the cleaning liquid, rinse it and, finally, adhere to a new layer of lubricant to trap the dust.

How to Clean Cold Air Intake Filter K & N?

The best thing is that if you manage to keep your K&N air filter clean and in excellent condition, you will obtain greater mileage. To know what the steps are you should continue reading:

1. Remove The Filter

You will need to open the hood of your car to enter the engine compartments. Find the air filter, which is most often wrapped in a large plastic box. If the filter has ring-type clamps or latches to hold it, you must unhook and lift the filter.

You must consider the make and model of the car, as it depends on the car if the filter is circular, conical, or flat. But the methods that you will use will be the same even if the design is different.

You can also cover the air conditioning inlet port with a handkerchief or towel. That will prevent dirt from entering the engine when you remove the filter.

2. See If The Filter Is Dirty

According to the company in charge of making these filters, they only need cleaning services if they are really dirty. Cleaning is recommended when you notice a speck of very coarse dirt on the sheets, which the filter cannot distinguish. If you can see the filter’s pleats, the probability that cleaning will be necessary is very low.

But, ultimately, if the filter looks clogged or if the reddish layer of the lubricant is no longer visible, it is advisable to clean it.

3. Remove Dirt And Dust

Then gently shake the filter. That will get rid of any debris and dirt on the filter. It is recommended that in this step, you have safety glasses and breathing masks so that you do not breathe dust particles.

It would be best to be careful not to move the filter excessively or touch the creases too much, as you will risk damaging them.

A brush with soft bristles can be used as a cleaning tool to clean dust and not damage the filter. It is recommended that you remove the filter in an outdoor environment so as not to cause disaster.

4. Splash Filter With Cleaning Solution

You will take the spray cleaning solution included with the filter and spray continuously and generously on the sides.

It would be best if you cleaned the outer wrinkles and the outer and inner surfaces of the filter. It is recommended to splash each of the folds individually with the cleaning solution.

Use whatever solution is necessary to clean and cover all sides and folds of the filter. If you do not have the K&N cleaning solution, you can purchase it on websites or in stores for vehicle accessories.

5. Act For 10 Minutes On The Filter

It would be best if you let the cleaning solution act on the filter surfaces for 10 minutes. That will help the cleaner go through any settled debris and particles, helping with rinsing.

Position the filter in a sink or on a cloth while the solution is sitting. Which will help prevent dirt from staining the surface of your home. You should not spend ten minutes preventing the cleaning solution from drying on the filter surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you wash a K&N cold air intake filter?

The answer is yes, the first thing you should know to clean it is the following:

It is important to note that every 15,000 miles you drive on the highway, you will need to do a visual inspection of the filter. If you are in an environment where there are dirt roads or a lot of dust, you should do it frequently.

K&N air filters are housed in an airbox that can span up to 50,000 miles before cleaning. On the other hand, K&N air conical air filters have greater resistance, withstanding 100,000 miles before they require cleaning. But, in both cases, you must take into account the conditions of the driving environment.

The environment you are driving affects the quantity and quality of the service offered by the filter. Therefore, if it is exposed to external factors that damage the filter, it is advisable to clean it more frequently. By observing, you can tell when you need to clean the filter just by not seeing the aluminum mesh. Remember to clean it before spraying on the cleaning solution gently.

  • Can I clean my K&N air filter with soap and water?

Yes, you can clean your K&N filter with soap and water. The important thing is that the soap must be of the degreaser type or dissolve the oil. Such a degreaser should apply liberally on the filter. You can also use warm soapy water to make it easier. It would be best to scrub with your hand or with a brush with soft plastic bristles to remove impurities from the filter.

It is recommended to rub for at least 3 minutes for a more efficient cleaning or to see the entire filter clean. To rinse, keep the filter for a few minutes in the water opposite to where the water flows. Make sure that dirty water does not get inside the filter because it could cause great damage.

  • How do you clean a K&N air filter without a kit?

It is possible to clean the K&N filter without a kit. You can use soap or degreasing gel and water and then proceed to dry it. You must bear in mind that it must do in the shade. You cannot leave it in the sun. Once it is dry, you can install it.

If you travel on dirt or sandy roads, it is advisable to spray a little oil, but not excessively. This so that it absorbs all the dirt and then you will have to clean it. It can be olive, sunflower, or soybean oil. It is not necessary to invest in other types of car oils.


Your K&N air filter will stay as good as new, giving your car better performance by applying these easy steps. The main recommendation is that you check the air filter every time you open the hood. That will prevent it from clogging.

Optimal airflow assists the motors by allowing the machines to run efficiently and with power. Therefore, you should learn to clean K&N air filters yourself for better service and efficiency on your engine and fuel.

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